2nd round of the Oricom Internet Triple Crown

July 23, 2015


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They are present for the 2 nd round of the Oricom Triple Crown

It is this Saturday, July 25 that 14 Sport Compact Élite teams, used to riding on the Autodrome Chaudière de Vallée-Jonction oval, will set off on the road towards Saint-Félicien in order to accumulate as many points as possible. during the 2 nd round of the Oricom Internet Triple Crown. For the occasion, Mr. Alain Bergeron will be on site to represent the main sponsor of the class, Oricom Internet.

It is not surprising to find of this number the # 75 Steve Godbout who won the first round in front of his own at the Autodrome Chaudière on July 10th.

That same evening, we saw the # 26 Martin Bisson offer an exceptional performance and hold head to the defending champion and won the 2 th final of the evening. Although that evening, Godbout is all done to try to get the victory, Bisson seemed to weld on the track. Will the two pilots offer us another hot fight at Saint-Félicien?

The # 98 Pascal Turgeon was unlucky in the first installment as the car suffered a mechanical breakdown leaving him last. He who knew hitherto excellent start to the season and held before this program 2 E overall in attempt to recover the most points to regain some positions in the standings.

Many of them will be competing against the local drivers of Saint-Félicien, among others the # 91 Alex Houle, # 72 Louis-Philippe Lauzier, # 44 Frédéric Blanchette, the # 110 Olivier Labbé-Pelletier and the # 23 Sébastien Poulin. But the locals haven’t said their last word!

The # 21 Vital Bélanger, who took part in the first round at the Autodrome Chaudière, could well surprise many who find themselves for this program on his “home track”. What other pilots in the Saint-Félicien region will give our leaders a hard time?

To find out, you will have to be present this Saturday at Autodrome Saint-Félicien!

List of registrants:

  1. # 16 Daniel Demers
  2. # 17 Maxime Gagné
  3. # 18 J-Michel Bérubé
  4. # 23 Sébastien Poulin
  5. # 26 Martin Bisson
  6. # 42 Mario Marois
  7. # 43 Julien Bernier
  8. # 44 Frédéric Blanchette
  9. # 72 Louis-Philippe Lauzier
  10. # 75 Steve Godbout
  11. # 91 Alex Houle 
  12. # 98 Pascal Turgeon
  13. # 99 Eric Lachance
  14. # 110 Olivier-Labbé Pelletier

Pass and Denny Hamlin; a show not to be missed!

June 15, 2015


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Will Denny Hamlin beat the elite PASS drivers?

It is this Saturday, June 20 that the Habitation Dany Lagacé 150 program will take place at the Autodrome Chaudière de Vallée-Jonction, bringing together the best pilots of the PASS Series who have come to fight with Nascar star # 11 Denny Hamlin.

For this occasion, we are expecting more than twenty PASS cars in addition to the 26 drivers of the Sportsman Quebec Lucas Oil Series who have already confirmed their attendance. The Mini Sportsman series and our local classes will also complete the program, and we can see an increase from program to program.

Denny Hamlin at Vallée-Jonction

Regarded by his peers and the media every year as a serious contender to win the NASCAR Sprint Cup championship, the # 11 Denny Hamlin who will ride in the colors of his sponsor Fedex will be in Dale Shaw’s rental car. As team leader he will be able to count on Michael Lavoie, former owner of the car who also worked for Dale Shaw in the past. An excellent choice that could allow him to achieve an excellent performance.

In addition to the prestigious Nascar driver, the very expected # 91 Patrick Laperle who for this evening will be sponsored by Habitation Dany Lagacé. Several fans were waiting for Laperle to return to the Vallée-Jonction oval. We can bet that the pilot will meet the expectations of the spectators who will have come for him.

This will also be the opportunity to see the young driver on the track # 71 Raphael Lessard who has surprised many in his presence last May by finishing first in the qualifying session and 6 th to the end of the race. Having definitely a natural talent for piloting, will he be able to pick up where he left off in his last presence?

Regarding the Sportsman Qc Lucas Oil series, the first event was able to show us that several drivers this year will defend their position for the 2015 champion title. During the first program of the season, we were able to see solid performances # 16 Rock Poulin who took the win; and # 17 Jimmy Nadeau, veteran of the series with the most races completed. The # 7 Réjean Blanchet has only one goal in mind; stand on the podium. Is it this Saturday that it will happen?

More and more Amateur and Elite Sport Compact pilots

During the second program, we noticed an increase in pilots for these two classes sponsored mainly by Oricom Internet. Attracting more and more pilots, the competition tightens and it can be seen that the pilots, in particular in the Elite class, are ready to do anything to gain positions. Will # 75 Steve Godbout keep up the pace ahead of Martin Bisson (26), Pascal Turgeon (98) or Julien Bernier (43) who is fighting a hot fight?

Budweiser 300 Nascar Canadian Tire; it’s this Saturday!

June 8, 2015


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The 100 th Nascar Canadian Tire at Autodrome Chaudière

On Saturday June 13th, Autodrome Chaudière will host the Nascar Canadian Tire series for a 300 laps that will appeal to fans.

It is a pride of the receiving while the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series will celebrate its 100 th program. The official list of drivers should be provided to us at the start of the week, but with those already confirmed, we should expect to receive the cream of the elite drivers.

In addition to the Dumoulin brothers who will be with us at the Tailgate which will be held on Friday June 12 at the Autodrome site, we will find among the Quebecers # 18 Alex Tagliani as well as # 27 Andrew Ranger; two pilots whose rivalry on the track will undoubtedly lead to great battles.

It will also be an opportunity to see # 36 Alex Labbé on track who, this year, will participate in several programs in this series. This young rising pilot will undoubtedly attract the attention of spectators who have followed him since his debut.

On the Canadian-English side, although the official list is not yet available, we can expect to see the drivers who are currently fighting for the championship. Among them is rookie # 59 Garry Klutt, who in the last program won after a controversial pass between # 22 Stock Steckly and # 27 Andrew Ranger. In addition to # 17 DJ Kennington, # 3 Jason Hathaway, defending champion of the 2014 event, will undoubtedly try to climb again on the first step of the podium at the Vallée-Jonction oval. We will also be able to see the multiple champion of the Nascar Canadian Tire series the # 22 Scott Steckly and the 2014 rookie of the year # 56 Matthew Scannell.

Will Stéphane Lecours become the man to beat in ACT-Procam

In the guest touring class we will see the Procam series. On their first outing, # 100.5 Beaucerons driver Stéphane Lecours, rookie in the series, surprised more than one by finishing 1st in the qualifying session and first overall in the two races. Also rookie, the # 55 Jean Bilodeau will be there. A 50 lap which promises, among other things, the presence of # 91 Jimmy Roy who finished second in the first program. Without forgetting # 72 Steve Lavigne, # 10 Christian Provost as well as # 37 Dany Gariépy who will undoubtedly want to defend their place.

Our local classes present

The Sport Compact Amateur, Sport Compact Elite and Limited classes will join the Nascar pilots for this program. Having offered us a very interesting “car count” during the first program, we already know that a few names will be added to the list.

Remember that the Sport Compact Amateur class, sponsored mainly by Oricom, has set up a fundraising campaign. This will be an opportunity to encourage them by purchasing your ticket at a cost of $ 5. Perhaps this post will allow you to be one of them during the season! In the last program, the # 18 Jean-Philippe Groleau sponsored mainly by Casse-Croute Sony started his season strong ending 2 e in qualifying and winning the final. But the Ken Grondins, Kharl Landry, Philippe Verret have not said their last words!

As for the Sport Compact Elite, also sponsored mainly by Oricom, we can expect more than 25 cars on the track for this program. For the defending champion, # 75 Steve Godbout, the competition is fierce this year. Climbing to the 2 nd step of the podium in the last program, the # 98 Pascal Turgeon sponsored mainly by Construction Tony Chiasson intends to fight a hot battle in Godbout. Among the top10, # 44 Frédéric Blanchette saw the podium up close. We can bet that this will push him to give the maximum to get there for this program.

We will also have the Limited class on track sponsored mainly by Automobiles Wendake. During the last program, 10 cars showed up, however, more vehicles are expected for the June 13 program. Many thought # 46 Steve Simoneau would dominate, but the Limited riders have shown they are there to compete. Fine performance are to be expected among other # 48 Yves Perreault sponsored mainly by Frameco Lte or the 116 Francis Gregory who accessed the 2 e of the podium.

A weekend not to be missed at the Autodrome Chaudière which will undoubtedly delight stock car enthusiasts.

Marie-Claude Levasseur, Relationnite

Tailgate – June 12, 2015

Opening of the marquee 17:30

On the program, music by the group “Les pas fins”, autograph signatures with some star pilots from the Nascar series.

A fundraising campaign for the Sport Compact Amateur class

June 4, 2015


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I am pleased to share with you the fundraising campaign that was set up by the drivers of the Sport Compact Amateur class.

Challenge themselves last spring to set up a fundraising campaign allowing them to give more to the pilots during the programs, the members of teams # 07, # 09, # 14, # 13, # 18, # 72 and # 700 decided to assemble a Sport Compact Amateur car and then proceed to the sale of tickets giving the chance to win this car.

Supported by Sharp’s Auto Insurance and Autodrome Chaudière, these pilots and team members can say mission accomplished with regard to the design of the vehicle.

Tickets are now on sale from these teams for $ 5. They will be present at the Tailgate on June 12 as well as during the Nascar program on June 13. The draw will take place on June 20 and the lucky winner will leave with a car ready for the race.

A great initiative on the part of these teams who are keen to keep their class and encourage the next generation to join them.

The Dumoulin brothers present at the Nascar weekend at the Autodrome Chaudière

June 2, 2015


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The Dumoulin brothers present at the Nascar weekend at the Autodrome Chaudière

The two Dumoulin brothers from the Trois-Rivières region, Jean-François and Louis-Philippe will be among the drivers present during the Nascar Canadian Tire race on June 13 at the Autodrome Chaudière in Vallée-Jonction.

Both have a full track record. Winner of the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series Championship in 2014, Louis-Philippe Dumoulin, sponsored mainly by WeatherTech Canada and the Bellemare Group, quickly stood out in the Nascar Series by winning the title of Rookie of the Year at the 2011 Championship , and this, by participating in only 8 of the 13 events registering 4 top-10 and 2 top-5.

As for the eldest, Jean-François Dumoulin, he has evolved in no less than 6 countries since the start of his career, among others in Italy, Germany and England. The first Quebecer to twice win the Rolex 24 race at Daytonna (2004 and 2007), he is also the winner of the Grand-Am Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge GS championship in 2002 and in ST in 2003 with 14 podiums. Sponsored mainly by Bernier Crépeau, Groupe Bellemare and Motorsport In Action, he also shares his driving experience as a driving instructor among others for the prestigious Ferrari Challenge.

Anxious to make themselves available to their fans, they will be present on June 12 at the Tailgate organized at the Autodrome Chaudière. Join us for only $ 10 ($ 20 meal included) for an evening under the marquee to meet these friendly pilots from Trois-Rivières.

We are waiting for you !

Donald Theetge in the Triple Crown!

April 17, 2013


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It’s confirmed! The champion acquires a Super-Late Model to participate in the Triple Crown: Donald Theetge

The rumor is finally confirmed, Donald Theetge will participate in the three events of La Triple Couronne PASS La Québécoise and the Invitation Super-Late Model race at the Chaudière Autodrome. It is at the wheel of the famous number 80 car that the 46-year-old will compete against the best pilots of the PASS series in order to impress his supporters on the quarter-mile oval of Vallée- Junction. The businessman from Boischatel does not only intend to participate in the Triple Crown events but to be a serious contender for the championship. Indeed, Donald has purchased a new car from the renowned American car maker Mitch of Race Basics. The car will be serviced and prepped for each event at Race Basics garages in the state of Maine.

Donald Theetge is an excellent driver and he has a more than impressive summary: He has three championships in the LMS Quebec series and 17 wins since 2005.

The pilot feels ready for the triple crown: “After the announcement from Vallee-Jonction concerning the arrival of Kyle Bush, the pressure from my teammates and without was very strong so that we are present at this race as well as other events, I am announcing that the agreement has been settled a month and a half ago. Nobody knew about it because I wanted to give this pleasure to my team and my fans. This represents a new challenge and a return to basics with hyper powerful engines. I am aware that the competition will be high but I intend to give my 110% in order to be competitive and it is for this reason that I have collaborated with Mitch and Judy of Race Basic to get myself a performance car. . In addition, Mickey, Mitch’s boy also prepares Austin Thériault’s car in the North Pass.

Come and encourage once again this driver with remarkable talents who knows how to show you all the colors!

The 2012 Quebecois champion at the Autodrome Chaudière: Patrick Laperle

April 12, 2013


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It is at the wheel of the famous number 91 car that the 37-year-old driver, Patrick Laperle, will try to add another championship to his impressive racing career. The orange Ford Fusion, built by Junior Hanley, will tackle the Vallée-Jonction track with one idea in mind: victory and nothing less. Patrick Laperle’s racing career is nothing short of impressive: 1 ACT championship, including 18 victories in this category in the United States, 3 ACT Castrol championships, including 17 ACT victories and several victories in the biggest races both in Canadian side than American side.

When it comes to the PASS series, Patrick is a highly feared driver and respected by other Super Late Model car drivers. Despite only 15 starts, Laperle has 2 wins, including the Unity raceway 250 and the Oxford 150.

The pilot sees the triple crown very favorably: “I think it’s a very good thing for motor racing in Quebec with very attractive purses and very tough competition”

For now, Patrick has no sponsors for the triple crown but one thing is certain, he will undoubtedly be supported by the many fans who follow him year after year.