They are present for the 2 nd round of the Oricom Triple Crown

It is this Saturday, July 25 that 14 Sport Compact Élite teams, used to riding on the Autodrome Chaudière de Vallée-Jonction oval, will set off on the road towards Saint-Félicien in order to accumulate as many points as possible. during the 2 nd round of the Oricom Internet Triple Crown. For the occasion, Mr. Alain Bergeron will be on site to represent the main sponsor of the class, Oricom Internet.

It is not surprising to find of this number the # 75 Steve Godbout who won the first round in front of his own at the Autodrome Chaudière on July 10th.

That same evening, we saw the # 26 Martin Bisson offer an exceptional performance and hold head to the defending champion and won the 2 th final of the evening. Although that evening, Godbout is all done to try to get the victory, Bisson seemed to weld on the track. Will the two pilots offer us another hot fight at Saint-Félicien?

The # 98 Pascal Turgeon was unlucky in the first installment as the car suffered a mechanical breakdown leaving him last. He who knew hitherto excellent start to the season and held before this program 2 E overall in attempt to recover the most points to regain some positions in the standings.

Many of them will be competing against the local drivers of Saint-Félicien, among others the # 91 Alex Houle, # 72 Louis-Philippe Lauzier, # 44 Frédéric Blanchette, the # 110 Olivier Labbé-Pelletier and the # 23 Sébastien Poulin. But the locals haven’t said their last word!

The # 21 Vital Bélanger, who took part in the first round at the Autodrome Chaudière, could well surprise many who find themselves for this program on his “home track”. What other pilots in the Saint-Félicien region will give our leaders a hard time?

To find out, you will have to be present this Saturday at Autodrome Saint-Félicien!

List of registrants:

  1. # 16 Daniel Demers
  2. # 17 Maxime Gagné
  3. # 18 J-Michel Bérubé
  4. # 23 Sébastien Poulin
  5. # 26 Martin Bisson
  6. # 42 Mario Marois
  7. # 43 Julien Bernier
  8. # 44 Frédéric Blanchette
  9. # 72 Louis-Philippe Lauzier
  10. # 75 Steve Godbout
  11. # 91 Alex Houle 
  12. # 98 Pascal Turgeon
  13. # 99 Eric Lachance
  14. # 110 Olivier-Labbé Pelletier