I am pleased to share with you the fundraising campaign that was set up by the drivers of the Sport Compact Amateur class.

Challenge themselves last spring to set up a fundraising campaign allowing them to give more to the pilots during the programs, the members of teams # 07, # 09, # 14, # 13, # 18, # 72 and # 700 decided to assemble a Sport Compact Amateur car and then proceed to the sale of tickets giving the chance to win this car.

Supported by Sharp’s Auto Insurance and Autodrome Chaudière, these pilots and team members can say mission accomplished with regard to the design of the vehicle.

Tickets are now on sale from these teams for $ 5. They will be present at the Tailgate on June 12 as well as during the Nascar program on June 13. The draw will take place on June 20 and the lucky winner will leave with a car ready for the race.

A great initiative on the part of these teams who are keen to keep their class and encourage the next generation to join them.